Data without Risk

  • How much valuable time and money does your IT department spend having to manage and monitor data backups every night?

  • How often do you test your backup processes and could your business recover in the event of a disaster?

  • What is your business risk of backup failure, and could your current process truly recover you when you need it?

  • Are you being stung by backup license renewal fees and are you getting value for money?

  • In today's information age, data is corporate wealth. But protecting your data using old style tape backup and physical off-site tape storage methods just doesn't cut it in a world of online disk based backup, high speed communications and fully managed backup services. That's why you need Cloud42 Protect.

    Fully Managed data protection in the cloud.

    With Cloud42, you can rest easy knowing that your critical information is backed up reliably and automatically every day, and instantly available if ever you need to recover.

    Using our easy to use Customer Portal and reporting tool, you can monitor the status of your backups at any time, from any device.

    Cloud42 Protect uses IBM Spectrum Protect technology to drive our enterprise grade backup as a service (BaaS) solution. Your data is secure from the moment it is backed up from your servers. We use highly secure encrypted links to transport your data to our primary data centre, where it is stored and protected by multiple levels of physical and logical security. We then take a copy of your data and replicate it to our secondary data centre located in SoftLayer to provide a further level of redundancy and protection.

    How it Works



    Our Customer Portal

    The user interface of the portal is designed for non technical users, who can initiate backups and restores, as well as configure all options through a simple graphical user interface. Accessing the most recent or historical reports is also easy using the date search field whilst reports are both user friendly and easy to understand.

    Physical Security

    The infrastructure used to provide the Cloud42 Protect service is housed within secure SoftLayer data centres located within Australia. Physical access to the data centres is via multi factor access mechanisms (i.e. access card and PIN code, or access card and biometrics) along with strict access control policies and processes. Security systems and cameras are monitored by a central Network Operations Centre. All personnel accessing the data centre must have completed, (or be accompanied by a personnel who have completed) the required induction process. Cloud42 Protect is a disk based solution and as such your data is always on line ready for retrieval. To ensure your data is protected from failure we deploy our storage in RAID arrays and ensure our server configurations are as redundant as possible, including dual power supplies and dual NIC's for network connectivity.

    User Access Control

    The data you have stored in the Cloud42 Protect service is only able to be accessed using the credentials (node ID and associated password) used when storing (backing up or archiving) data. Essentially, you are in control!
    We insist that you change the password we initially provide you when you first start using the service and recommend choosing a secure and unique password.  Your password can be reset if required, however you will be required to prove your identity first.
    We leverage features to prevent hacking attacks on accounts and, in the case of such an event, accounts are locked out and secured to prevent compromise.  It is important to remember that your data is only as secure as your password on your account, so we always recommend ensuring that you choose a sufficiently long and complex password to make certain your data is secure.

    Data Transport Security

    To ensure the security and privacy of your data as it is transmitted from your network to be stored on our servers we utilise SSL connection encryption.  This is the same technology used when accessing secure web sites such as your online banking.  This ensures that no one is able to intercept and read your data as it is transferred over the internet and is used whenever your computer is communicating with our servers.

    Data Encryption

    Cloud42 Protect provides the ability for you to choose to encrypt some or all of your data that is stored by the service.  This does not affect the data on your computer, only the copy of that data that is backed up or archived to Cloud42 Protect.  If you choose to use encryption, the data is encrypted using AES128 – an encryption algorithm that has been approved for US Government Secret data – so you can be sure that your data is 'for your eyes only'.  When using encryption, you will be required to provide a password (up to 64 characters - we'd recommend a minimum of 16) to protect your encryption key.

    The Security of your data is Paramount

    We take the security of your data very seriously. so much so that Cloud42 Protect service is designed and built around it. Your data is housed in secure facilities, on secure, redundant, protected servers, behind robust firewalls using software designed to protect your data. If you choose to, you can add an additional level of data security by encrypting your data also.
    After all, protecting your data is what our Cloud42 Protect service is all about.