IT without limitation

  • Why buy a server when you only need it for short period of time?

  • How much are you spending in IT infrastructure and maintenance each year, and could this be better invested elsewhere?

  • How much would your business save if your IT infrastructure was managed like your water, power and internet utilities?

  • Cloud42 lets you access all the storage and processing power your business could ever need, without the in house overheads or hassle. What's more, you'll only pay when you run it.

    Whether you need dedicated bare metal servers, public, private or hybrid server environments, Cloud42 lets you run whatever you need when you need it, without big hits to your bottom line.

    Cloud42 RUN offers hassle-free implementation for your organisation across the SoftLayer global network or ISW Australian network. Both are designed and constructed to N+1 standards.

    SoftLayer Advantage

    Since the IBM acquisition, SoftLayer's global reach has mutliplied with a physical presence on five continents for unbreakable redundancy. The perfect solution for clients that require a reliable business environment with a 100% network uptime guarantee.


    ISW Advantage

    Leveraging ISW's data centres in both Sydney and Hobart offers an on-shore Australian solution with remote redundancy and rapid physical access. The perfect fit for the most security conscious client and those seeking legal compliance to keep customer data within Australia.

    Internet Connectivity

    Cloud42 has an Enterprise Grade Private WAN & Internet connectivity with redundant upstream peering. Our internet provider provides a targeted up time of 99.95%, with a 1:1 contention ration that is closely monitored to ensure all clients receive high levels of response times. Cloud42 is also able to provision an upgrade to our service to provide additional bandwidth/capacity should it be required within 1 business day.

    Physical Security

    Physical site access is controlled via secure access cards for access via the main gate to the complex. All personnel must sign in/out using the logbook with strictly enforced site access and maintenance protocols. An alarm system with PIN code access secures access to the data centre, and the data centre has 3 access levels (Data Centre Office, Data Centre Prep Room, Data Centre) which are controlled via secure access cards. Security cameras operate externally and internally and footage is stored to assist investigation of incidents. The security alarm is remotely monitored as well as the site being monitored via physical security patrols. Within the data centre individual server racks are all secured via individual key/locks. Access to the data centre is only allowed by authorised personnel that have completed a site induction. Planned access is scheduled with 24 hrs written notice required and emergency access is granted only after notification to the monitored security.

    Network Security & Monitoring

    The data centre network is protected by primary redundant firewall and each customer private network is isolated behind a dedicated firewall. Each client has a dedicated custom firewall configuration where ports are opened only for specific applications and customer private networks are fully isolated from each other through the use of VLANs on fully managed switches. Cloud42 is also able to provision Virtual Private Network connectivity between customer networks and their hosted private network to ensure full private traffic security. Cloud42 is able to provide SSL certificates from required vendors to secure customer server communications. Customer systems are monitored by both internal and external systems to ensure availability with automated notifications should outages occur.

    Power Systems

    The data centre features 240VAC and -48VDC UPS's. Two 160kW UPS are installed each with sufficient batteries to provide 20-30mins backup time at full load. Equipment power is UPS backed and the data centre has emergency lighting that will operate in the event of mains failure. A backup diesel generator onsite (720kW) will start automatically in the event of mains failure.

    Fire Detection & Suppression Systems

    The data centre is protected by a multi-stage fire detection system including FM200 Gas Fire Suppression System and VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus). Should gas be discharged by the suppression system it is inert and non-toxic.

    Cooling / Air Conditioning

    The data centre is fully equipped with monitored in row chilled water cooling to ensure constant temperatures within the data centre is maintained. Redundant carrier grade air-conditioning and environmental monitoring 24/7 of both the data centre and individual racks is provided. Chiller plants are located outside of the building with 3 cooling plants running for redundancy, with a minimum of 2 units required for cooling. The in row cooling and chiller plants are monitored 24x7.

    Backup / DR

    Cloud42 utilises IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager to provide an efficient, effective and highly reliably backup solution. Nightly server backups are scheduled to maintain current and historical data file versions. Weekly off-site copies of data are maintained in case of a data centre DR situation. Backup using TSM is included in Cloud42's standard services and custom backup regimes can be provided as required.
    AC & DC UPS systems (including redundant components), Diesel Generator (Back-up), High Security Fencing, External and Internal monitored CCTV systems with remote backup of events, Monitored Alarm System, Security swipe card access and recording, Strictly enforced site Access and Maintenance Protocols, Carrier Grade Air-Conditioning (redundant), Environmental monitoring (Individual Racks & Room), VESDA Fire Detection, FM200 Gas Fire Suppression System, Raised Flooring, Cable trays for Ethernet cabling, Warren & Brown optical cabling trays, Centralised Patching Cabinet, Individually keyed and locked racks, Service Level Agreement (99.99% Service Availability Metric)